Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10th August: Free-style Busking instead of Romany music

For today, I had planned a good thorough practice off the full Šutka  repertoire from last time, a refresher on tourist activities, and to get in touch with trumpet-player Asan, to see what’s happening on the musical front.

Early morning I went into a kafić for my first dose of caffeine. I ordered a coffee with milk in my nicest Serbian, with correct grammar and a stunning accent - which was answered by alien looks and the exclamation ‘what?!?’ by the waitress. Something is clearly not quite right with my language…

The next irritation occurred, when Asan, the trumpeter had sent the message through Miki that he has no time to meet today or tomorrow – how disappointing. He gave a funeral as reason, so I forgave him, as this truly can not be planned or un-planned.

I went into the centre to visit Miki who was busking there. For a bit I joined in with my fiddle. However, as he does actually not play Balkan music, and I don't play classical or flamenko fusions, our jam wasn’t too serious. Unfortunately I had to notice, that from the moment I joined, the money takings were getting down - this must have to do with us chatting and laughing more than actually playing, and in-between our music was interspersed with a tendency to free improvisation.

My sight-seeing involved a big walk all around town including old town and bazaar. I have avoided taking the same pix as last summer again, so for seeing lots about Skopje, please refer to last year's blog . This time I rather felt inspired to photograph the unusual…

Roman statue with Ice-cream cone !?!

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